Sale and manufacture of explosives

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“Detonas” AB possesses the compulsory licenses and written approvals prerequisite to sell, manufacture, use, and store explosives. 

In its blasting works the company uses modern explosives that conform with the safety requirements set by the European Union.

“Detonas” AB manufactures and offers:
Explosives DINAMONAS ROS; Emulsion matrix designed for the manufacture of explosives;
Explosives DETONIT.

We also offer measures needed to be taken before initiating blasting works.


DINAMONAS ROS are bulk explosives of ANFO type that are not water resistant. The company has been in production of these explosives since 1996. The clients may buy the bags containing either 25 kg or 36 kg.

DINAMONAS ROS have been used as go-to explosives in quarries and rock crushing. 


Pakruojis department of "Detonas” has been manufacturing an ammonium nitrate emulsion (ANE) since 2020. 

Factory produced ammonium nitrate emulsion (commonly known as matrix) is used in the production of liquid emulsion explosives. The explosives produced on the basis of ANE are used in fluid boreholes as they are water resistant. Designed to use in open mines and quarries. 


Emulsion explosives DETONIT are made in a MEMU vehicle (Mobile explosives manufacturing unit) which can arrive to a required borehole loading location. Such production method allows for more precise quantity of the resulting material and technical characteristics considering the type and harness of rock, geological conditions and other features. DETONIT are used for civilian purposes, for loading dry and liquid boreholes in quarries. These explosives are perfectly designed for use in quarries for mining hard rock. In a borehole, these explosives make up a uniform load of an explosive, thus ensuring the best blasting outcome. 

Our applied production method is in situ, meaning that the explosives are produced in blasting sites and are loaded upon production. Such production method allows for ensuring the supply of explosives to the client to their desired location – to a quarry. Our services are available not only in Lithuania but in other countries as well