About us

The authority representing the State is the Ministry of Transport and Communications www.sumin.lrv.lt

100% of the “Detonas” AB shares are state-owned under the right of ownership. The amount of the nominal values equals to EUR 2,522,341.12 Joint-stock company “Detonas” began operations in 1959. 

Today, the company is comprised of 3 departments, specialising in the manufacture of explosives, blasting, drilling, demolition works.  Since 2006, the company has implemented the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 quality management systems covering blasting and demolition works, design and manufacture of explosives. 

The company manufactures and sells:

  • Explosives DINAMONAS ROS; 
  • Emulsion matrix designed for the manufacture of explosives
  • Explosives DETONIT. 

The company employs “Pantera”, “Atlas Copco”, “Sandvik” drilling rigs in its rock drilling operations. 

The company employs self-propelled crawler machines “Kobelco” equipped with hydraulic hammers and concrete pulverisers.  Powerful and state-of-the-art machinery renders the company able to facilitate many work processes and to save not just time but labour costs too.

The company maintains favourable work conditions, every department has a computerised work environment and is using computerised accounting systems.  

The leading professionals of the company are very accomplished in their practice. Long-lasting collaboration of the qualified professionals guarantees the stable operations of the company. The team of young and promising employees and experienced professionals of our company make up the effective squad capable of successfully combining individual and collective tasks.
The main task of the company is the maximum safety of blasting works, prevention of accidents, and minimal adverse environmental effects.
“Detonas” AB is your reliable partner in the areas of manufacture of explosives, drilling, and demolition of various buildings.


To provide reliable blasting services, develop the manufacture and sale of explosives


Modern and sustainable company specialising in blasting services and manufacture of explosive in the Baltic States



  • We create value for the state and society by doing our part in the improvement of transport and communications, and respect to the environment
  • We act in safe and responsible manner
  • We comply with the law and environmental requirements


  • We are a team composed of competent and professional workers
  • We provide high-quality services
  • We seek knowledge and improve our skills
  • We are open to change and innovations


  • We foster mutually beneficial relationships
  • When working in a team, we strive for the best results


  • We operate in reliable manner and in good faith
  • We make our completed works and results public
  • We apply only the highest ethical standards in our work


1. Ensure customer needs and the company's competitiveness by introducing and improving blasting technologies.
We will continuously improve our work processes, taking into account environmental factors and customer needs, in the provision of blasting services, demolition work and the manufacture of explosives. Environmentally friendly technologies and solutions are a priority. 

2. Ensure the sustainability and value of the company.
We will improve operational efficiency and achieve financial results that increase the value of the company. We will implement key good governance practices.

3. Expand into other markets.
We will expand into other markets in order to operate in a market environment and to mitigate risks. Priority will be given to the trade in explosives.

4. Ensuring safe operations and a safe environment.
By creating a culture of employee engagement and safe operations, we will strive to find sustainable solutions that combine environmental, social and economic aspects.


1. Increase the volume of basic services through the deployment and improvement of blasting technologies

2. Blasting the planned quantities of rock to ensure sustainable operations 

3. Ensure profitable operations 

4. Implement key good governance practices 

5. Expanding the company's activities 

6. Increase efficiency by expanding operations 

7. Ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems 

8. Ensure workplace safety in the performance of job functions for company employees