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Tel.: (+370 37) 362 562
Jovarų St.3 A, LT-47192, Kaunas
Pakruojis department
Tel.: (+370 421) 67 546
Meilūnai Village 5, LT-83477, Pakruojis district.
Akmenė department
Tel.: (+370 425) 50 223
J. Dalinkevičiaus St.2L, LT-85118, Naujoji Akmenė
Vaidas Zubavičius
Managing Director
Rima Žadavičienė
Manager of personnel
Dovydas Šiaučiūnas
Jūratė Vachauzienė
Chief accountant
Ramūnas Ragulskis
Occupational safety, transport manager, supply
Sigita Čižauskienė
Deputy chief accountant
Chief mechanic
Vygintas Spudas
Pakruojis department manager
Irmantas Gricius
Pakruojis department manager
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About us

Joint-stock company “Detonas” began operations in 1959.
Today, the enterprise is comprised of 3 departments, specialising in the manufacture of explosives, blasting, drilling, demolition works.  Since 2006, the company has implemented the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 quality management systems covering blasting and demolition works, design and manufacture of explosives.
“Detonas” AB is also operating in demolishing buildings of various types, structures of reinforced concrete, blasting of chimneys, water towers, performs the seismic surveys.
In its blasting works, the company uses modern explosives that conform with the safety requirements set by the European Union.